Mom Cradles Her Newborn Baby, But When She Peels The Blanket Back, She Can’t Believe Her Eyes

On her first day in the world, newborn Everly had a very important job to do. Although she might not have known the weight of responsibility thrust upon her at one-day-old, it was evident to both mom and dad. So back in November 2014, Everly’s dad made sure to assign the newborn the task so she could give her mother, Lauren, the surprise of her life.

Everly’s mission was a secret from mom. Dad Chad worked tirelessly to make it come to fruition so Everly could give her mother the surprise on day one. After taking a turn at caring for the newborn, Chad changed the baby’s diaper and her clothes, putting her into a very special onesie.

When Chad handed Everly back to Lauren, all wrapped in a blanket, mom had no idea what dad had done. But she was about to discover the delightful surprise as she peeled back the blanket and saw the message written across the onesie on baby Everly.

In order to bring the idea into reality, Chad worked with Lauren’s cousins, who were as close as siblings to the new mom. And with the entire family, on both sides, gathered in the hospital room to meet the newborn baby, the surprise was revealed to great excitement. Even the on-duty nurses were present to witness Everly complete her task. They even helped Chad set everything up.

When the time came for Everly’s to reveal her surprise, Lauren’s aunt handed the newborn back to her mom telling her she needed a diaper change. This was a little-white-lie that Chad had fabricated so the new mom would get the surprise of her life.

“Lauren started unwrapping the blanket to change her, and the rest is history,” Chad told LittleThings.

For those of you who do not know Chad and Lauren’s history, it goes like this. The pair quickly fell in love when they met. In fact, it was a striking kind of love filled with passion and excitement. Their courtship escalated rather quickly, and before they knew it, Lauren was pregnant with Everly. This was not how Chad had planned for things to go. He always wanted to marry Lauren, but life just threw them a curveball and their dream wedding would have to wait – but not all that long as it turned out.

As Lauren unwrapped Everly’s blanket and found the message on her onesie, she started, shocked at what it said. That’s because the message read:

“Mommy, will you marry daddy?”

Not only had Chad concocted a special onesie, but he had also enlisted Lauren’s family to help fasten a beautiful ring to the newborn’s clothing.

Chad removed the ring as Lauren glowed with bliss from the surprise. He then put it on her finger. Afterward, Lauren learned that everyone had helped Chad stage the special proposal, even the nurse. Not only had she given birth that day, she got engaged to be married. It was certainly the best day of Lauren’s life.

And as Chad said, “the rest is history” because Lauren accepted and the pair wed. Now they’re living together as a happy family.