Mom Claims Child’s Dinosaur Balloon Is Inappropriate Because Of One Small Detail

A mom who bought a pack of animal balloons for her child’s birthday celebration was left “horrified” when she noticed one small detail on the dinosaur decoration. The six latex balloons, which cost $5.50, were to mark her son turning four years old, but when she noticed what seemed to be a certain part of the male anatomy on the dino, the experience was slightly soured. Read on and scroll to the bottom to see the problem!

1. THE BLOW-UP TUBE WAS PLACED BETWEEN THE DINOSAUR’S LEGS. Obviously, all balloons have to be inflated somehow, but the mom, who posted photos of the offending balloon on the Facebook group Mums Who, was not expecting the dinosaur’s to be placed between its legs. That made it look a little weird, to say the least!

2. WORST OF ALL, SHE HAD TO INFLATE IT BY MOUTH! It’s not as if the dinosaur balloon could be hooked up to a machine to inflate it (although I suppose it could have been, if the woman had one handy). Instead, the mom was left to blow it up herself with the breath from her lungs. “When you realize you were blowing it in more than one way…” she captioned the photos. LOL to that.

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4. HER SON LOVED DINOSAURS SO THE BALLOON HAD TO STAY. While the mom in question was a bit horrified by the unfortunate placement of the air valve, her 4-year-old son did love dinosaurs and the balloon went with the rest of the decorations, so it had to stay. To make sure the valve wasn’t seen, she placed it behind smaller decorations that hid it. See? Problem solved.

5. SOMETIMES COMPANIES JUST DON’T THINK OF THESE THINGS. While I suppose it’s possible that the person who made the balloon thought it would be a hilarious joke to put the air valve between the dinosaur’s legs, most likely it happened because that was the most convenient place for it to go. Hey, at least we all got a laugh out of it!