Mom Asks Jurors to Spare Ex-Husband’s Life After He Killed Their 5 Children. She Says It’s What They Would Want

The mother of five children who were brutally murdered by her ex-husband made a shocking plea to a South Carolina jury as her ex faces the death penalty.

After the dad was convicted of killing Amber Kyzer’s babies just to hurt her, the mom asked jurors not to give him the death penalty and show him mercy for the sake of her little ones.

The Associated Press reports Kyzer asked jurors to spare Timothy Jones Jr.’s life after he confessed to killing his 6-year-old and then deciding to kill the other children one by one.

Jones strangled his 8-year-old, Merah, and used his hands to choke his 7-year-old, Elias. The dad choked his 2-year-old Gabriel and 1-year-old Abigail with a belt in August 2014.

Jones, a former computer engineer, reportedly had a history of mental illness, and his wife’s alleged affair and drug use took him over the edge, the AP reported.

On Tuesday Kyzer told the courtroom:

“I hear what my kids went through and what they endured. And as a mother, if I could personally rip his face off I would. That’s the mom in me. That’s the mama bear.”

As jurors heard testimonies to decide whether to give Jones Jr. the death penalty or life in prison without parole, Kyzer shared her thoughts on the witness stand. She said:

“He did not show my children mercy by any means, but my kids loved him and if I’m speaking on behalf of my kids and not myself, that’s what I would have to say.”

Watch the video below:

She continued, according to The State:

“I’m not here for me. The mom in me wants him to feel everything that I feel, that my kids felt. Nothing justifies  — nothing — what you’ve done. Or justify what you’ve done to me. … I hope for mercy for you. I pray for you often. … I say that from the depth of my soul. There’s been so much loss.”

As Kyzer pleaded for his life to be spared, she said that although she suffered years of abuse, she personally doesn’t believe in taking someone’s life.