Mom Arrested in Disappearance of 2-Year-Old Son After She Reported Him Missing — He ‘Disappeared’ From His Bed

The search draws on for missing 2-year-old Noah Tomlin ever since his mom first reported his disappearance on Monday, June 24.

Virginia police have ramped up search efforts to find the toddler who allegedly went missing from his home.

The boy’s mother, Julia Tomlin, 34, told police she last saw her son around 1 a.m. that morning after she put him to bed, WTKR reports.

She hasn’t seen him since.

Authorities have been searching for the boy in high temps since then and now believe the child is dead. Hampton Police Chief Terry L. Sult said at a news conference:

“We all pray that we still find him safe, but that’s just not the way it’s pointing at this point.”

Julia was arraigned Friday and charged with three counts of child neglect in connection with his disappearance.

Sult said:

“Unfortunately, to date, Noah has not been found. Based on the highly coordinated investigation we believe him to be deceased. This leaves us a little bit speechless, but the search for Noah continues. We’ll never give up hope.”

The boy’s father has not been identified. However, reporters have learned more about Noah’s mother through court documents and have learned in 2010, she went to jail for five months for injuring her daughter, reports WTKR.

Julia pleaded guilty to felony child neglect when her then-1-year-old daughter was severely burned after she sat her down on a hot kitchen stove.

At the time of the incident, the mom had five children in her home.

Police said 2-year-old Noah was last seen wearing a white and green pajama shirt and a diaper. Sult said:

“We ask that everyone keep Noah and those that love him in your hearts and your thoughts as our officers and agents continue their tireless efforts to find him.”

The investigation is still active. Anyone with information about his disappearance should call the Hampton Police Department at (757) 727-6111.

Watch the video below: