Models sent screaming as kangaroo photobombs bikini shoot

by San Eli News

A group of models had their sexy poolside photoshoot ruined when an energetic kangaroo decided it wanted to get in front of the camera as well.

The bikini-clad women were call gathered at a Gold Coast mansion owned by notorious playboy and millionaire tobacco tycoon Travers Beynon, also known as The Candy Man.

Hilarious footage was posted to the Candy Shop Mansion Instagram page, an official account that promotes Mr Beynon’s playboy lifestyle.

“Kangaroo attack at the Candy Shop Mansion photo shoot,” the caption on the video reads.

The video shows six models sprinting past a giant pool, looking completely terrified as foreboding music plays in the background.

At first it is unclear what they are running from until an excited kangaroo hops into frame.

One of the women chooses to seek refuge in the pool while the rest sprint towards the gate.

The first model to get their struggles to open the gate and in a moment of panic throws herself over the fence.

The rest then come running through the gate as the roo chases after them before bounding off in the opposite direction.

Mr Beynon has been labelled the Australian Hugh Hefner and having scantily clad women lounging around in his mansion is a regular occurrence.

The Candy Shop Mansion Instagram account is known for posting controversial pictures of Beynon’s partyboy life.

Last year the account was shut down for “inappropriate content”.

Mr Beynon lives in the mansion with his wife, girlfriend and up to four other women each night.

“Travers is a provocative entertainer — there are no boundaries he won’t exceed,” the Candy Shop Mansion website says.

“Beautiful women, designer clothing and fast cars do not define Travers. What defines him is his desire to break the rules, challenge mindsets and redefine entertainment.”