Medical tech from Missouri charged with sexual assault after calling woman back for a false examination

39-year-old Ryan Williams was charged with sexual abuse and invasion of privacy for setting up an ‘extra’ exam for a woman who had had an X-ray earlier on in the day.

The Missouri medical tech was the X-ray technician when the woman, at her doctor’s request, went to Mercy-Lincoln Hospital in Troy on 3 October. Troy Police stated that she went home after the X-ray was completed.

According to the prosecutors, Williams called her and asked her to return to the hospital. He said she needed another examination, a CT scan, because they had seen something they wanted to examine immediately.

When she arrived at the hospital, 30 minutes later, Williams took her to the CT scan room and gave her a gown. Investigators reported that he made her lie down on the table and raise her gown and touched her breasts while attaching stickers during the scan.

Williams showed her a scan and allegedly stated that the doctor was concerned she might have lymphoma. However, when the victim contacted her doctor after a few days, there was no history of such a scan. She was also informed that Williams had accessed her medical records.

Chris Voland, Detective with the Troy Police, stated that investigations showed that Williams had been accessing hospital records in search of women who were not elderly and might have potential health issues involving their privates.

“Basically, (he) used his authority from the hospital to gain information on the individuals,” reported Voland.

The investigators are afraid there might be more victims abused by Williams and are looking into the case with the help of the hospital.

Meanwhile, the hospital has issued a statement and launched an investigation of its own. “The person is no longer employed with Mercy. We contacted the patient, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and law enforcement. We continue to work with police on their investigation.”