Manhunt Underway After a Mother of 3 Was Killed When a Rock Was Thrown From Overpass and Into Her Car

Temple, Texas police are still looking for the person or persons responsible for a mom of three’s death.

As ABC News reports, on March 9, Keila Flores, her boyfriend, and her three children were driving down Interstate 35 when a rock was thrown from an overpass and into the windshield of Flores’ boyfriend’s car.

Flores, 33, was in the passenger seat of the vehicle while her three children sat in the back. After the rock crashed through the windshield, it then struck Flores, killing her.

Flores’s boyfriend, Christopher Rodriguez, told “Good Morning America” that when the rock hit the windshield of his car, it sounded like an explosion:

“It was a loud impact, almost like an explosion, that went off in the car — I didn’t know what it was. When it impacted the car, my instinct was to turn away, not knowing what happened. When I looked over to my right I see Keila just laying there with no response.”

After realizing Flores was injured, Rodriguez quickly pulled the car over so that he could flag someone down for help. He told ABC 7:

“Her daughter immediately saidCall 911! Pull over, pull over! Call 911!”

According to ABC News, Flores never responded to CPR and was immediately transported to a local hospital where she passed away the following day.

Rodriguez called the tragic situation “very frustrating”:

“There’re so many emotions, like anger. You just kind of want to take things into your own hands, knowing that’s not the right thing. I know there are certain steps the police have to take. I know eventually they will catch the person who did this and justice will come.”

Rodriguez continued by saying one of the most difficult parts has been trying to explain to Flores’ children what happened to their mom.

Posted by Keila Flores on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

He told GMA:

“It’s something you don’t forget. I just hope that it doesn’t affect them in the long run and that they will realize what a good mother they had.”

According to reports, police have already interviewed a person of interest in regards to this case. However, no other details have been released.

Nonetheless, Rodriguez is confident that law enforcement will not allow Flores’ death “be in vain” and that they will find the person responsible.

Flores’ two brothers told GMA that their focus is on remaining a family and ensuring “that her children are enjoying life,” even though the situation feels “unreal.”

Authorities are asking that anyone with information or surveillance footage from the surrounding areas contact the Temple Police Department.