Man Wakes Up With A Black Eye And A Hangover, Sees Wife’s Note And Starts To Cry

There’s nothing wrong with letting loose and having a drink every now and then, but downing too many alcoholic beverages is never a good idea.

You start to lose control of your inhibitions, so you’ll do a lot of wild, ridiculous things that you would never do when sober.

Worse still, you’ll likely regret these things the next day – or you’ll completely forget about them and wonder why everyone seems so angry at you.

This funny story illustrates just what might happen if you drink too enthusiastically.

The story revolves around Jack. Jack is a married man, but he loves to party, and his wife doesn’t like when he drinks too much.

One day, after a night out, Jack wakes up in his bed at home, having no memory of how he got there.

He’s also incredibly hungover and has no idea what happened while he was out on the town.

Jack sits up in bed, his head pounding and vision swimming. That’s why he sees something on his bedside table: a nice glass of water and some aspirin.

He quickly downs them, then glances to the edge of the bed. He sees that he has a set of clothing ready to wear, all completely clean, pristine, and ironed.

Not sure what’s going on, Jack gets up and puts the clothes on. He looks in the mirror and sees that he has a nasty black eye. How he got it, he has absolutely no idea!

Then something stuck to the mirror catches his eye. It’s a note in his wife’s handwriting.

The letter says that Jack got blackout drunk the night before and made a huge, noisy fuss.

Fearing the worst, Jack has to force himself to continue reading. To his surprise, though, no angry scoldings follow.

Instead, his wife has told him not to worry and says that breakfast is waiting for him on the stove.

She adds that she’s going to grocery store to pick up some ingredients so she can make his favorite meal later for dinner.

The note ends with declarations of love, a lipstick kiss, and lots of doodled hearts.

Jack is now more confused than ever. He goes outside and finds hot coffee ready, next to a delicious breakfast and his morning newspaper.

His son is also there, enjoying his own breakfast. Jack decided to ask him what happened the night before.

His son tells him that he came home very, very drunk and threw up on the carpet.

He also tells him that he broke a vase and ran into a door, which is how he got the black eye.

Perplexed, Jack asks his son why, then, Mom could be in such a good mood and doing so many nice things for him.

His son pipes up and says that when Jack’s wife took him to the bedroom and tried removing his dirty clothes, Jack started shouting, “Stop right now! I’m married! I’m married!”

Jack was absolutely shocked that something he said in the midst of a drunken stupor may have just saved his marriage!

He began to cry in relief. Maybe next time, he won’t drink too much when at a party!