Man uses Kool-Aid packet to scam Walmart out of almost $1,000

A 37-year-old Ohio man has been arrested after authorities say he used a hidden 24-cent Kool-Aid package to ring up almost $1,000 worth of merchandise at a Walmart in Naples.

Bradley Young was arrested on Sunday around 5:45pm when a loss prevent officer witnessed him ring up $994.13 worth of merchandise including a $248 scooter, a $160 worth of batteries, and a $120 navigation system but only pay $25.

The officer reported that she began following Young around the store after recognizing him from a previous encounter and witnessed Young use a Kool-Aid pack hidden in his hand to scan items in the self-checkout lane.

The officer says he then grabbed a fan and a soda off of a shelf and attempted to return the items at customer service, claiming he had a receipt on his phone.

Young has been arrested on grand theft and shoplifting charges. Authorities say he is a convicted felon from Ohio.