Man Took Grandma out of Rehabilitation and Lived off Her Pension. He’s Been Charged in Her Death

Last December, Allen Arias brought his grandmother, 87-year-old Anita Arias, home from a rehabilitation center.

Now, the Florida man has been charged in her death, according to Florida Today.

The grandmother was in good health when she left the facility in December but needed care due to her dementia.

She stayed in her grandson’s home, where she required diaper changes. But the 41-year-old later told police that he “slacked off” on keeping her clean.

Allen brought his unresponsive grandmother to the hospital on January 21 and she was later declared dead.

Medical staff found the grandmother had bed sores that were filled with maggots and insects, Florida Today reports.

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office

Investigators visited Allen’s home following her death. They reported that it smelled like human decay and was covered in trash. A detective said:

“Walking a straight path without stepping or tripping on an object was almost impossible.”

Authorities found blood and feces throughout the home and prescription medications for Anita that had been filled months prior but were still full.

The grandmother’s bed also had live maggots and dirty diapers were stacked against walls.

According to WESH, an autopsy determined that the grandmother died from dehydration and emaciation. She also had extremely high blood sugar levels.

The grandson later told police he knew that he should have gotten help for Anita sooner.

According to investigators, Allen was living off of her social security and pension checks, which covered his bills. Meanwhile, he failed to sufficiently care for his grandmother.

The rehabilitation center where the grandmother previously stayed tried to contact the grandson on multiple occasions but was unable to get through said investigators.

Now, Allen has been charged with aggravated manslaughter of an elderly person for Anita’s death. He is currently being held on $35,000 bond.

A court date has not been listed for the grandson.