Man Sent Back To Jail For Allegedly Disguising Himself In Black To Murder Ex Girlfriend

33 year old Andrew Charles Beard has been accused for disguising himself in black face to kill his ex- girlfriend Alyssa Burkett, has now been arrested again and set back to the jail. This time he went behind bars for alleged possession of unlicensed firearm silencer.

U.S. Attorney Erin Nealy Cox said that, “Given the brutality of his alleged crimes, it’s unthinkable that Mr. Beard bonded out of county jail. I am proud that our federal law enforcement partners acted quickly so that we could file federal charges. It is our fervent hope that justice will be swift, and that Mr. Beard will be kept behind bars — state or federal — before he can inflict more harm.”

He has been out on $1 million bond in the death of his ex girlfriend. This case rose from investigation conducted in local murder case. A man had stabbed and shot Burkett on Oct 2. Witnesses tried treating her on street but she died.

Witnesses described killer as a black man. He is a white man but investigators report that it is a part of their work and they discovered two bottles of liquid foundation makeup, partially burned wipes with brown residue, and a burned metal cylinder that was consistent with a makeup brush container.

He landed on the investigation when they found out that the victim was afraid of him and was scared that he might kill her. Her boyfriend said that Beard tracked her phone and knew about her whereabouts.

Authorities said that, “Cops found an apparently abandoned black Ford Expedition, which they traced to a September 26 vehicle sale to a what was described as a white man in a mask and baseball cap. That vehicle contained a dark prosthetic beard with apparent makeup on the inside, and a dark colored hair that seemed to have blood on it.”

Beard had cut marks and bleach smell of his body.