Man Proposes To His Girlfriend While She’s Sleeping, Complete With Ring On Her Finger

When you think of your perfect proposal, when the person you want to spend your life with asks you to marry them, you probably imagine that you’ll be awake for it, right? Sadly, Jamilah Williams didn’t get that privilege when her boyfriend, Michael Mayorga, popped the question while she was passed out in bed. He even put the ring on her finger while she was completely unaware… and then shared the photos to Facebook, of course!

1. THIS WAS THE ONLY WAY HE COULD SURPRISE HER.Michael admitted that he’d been racking his brain for weeks trying to come up with the perfect way to ask Jamilah to marry him. Unfortunately for him, she’s a bit too clever, which makes surprising her pretty difficult. Needless to say, I bet she was surprised when she woke up!

2. I GUESS IT’S CREATIVE, IF NOTHING ELSE!“It’s 5:00AM. For weeks now I been planning on how to pop the question…. you know all my moves and you are one very hard woman to surprise,” he wrote. “But the jokes on you because now you’re going to wake up with 3 surprises… a phone full of congratulations notifications and text, an engagement ring on your finger and a picture of you sleeping that you don’t want all over the internet. SURPRISE!!! I’ll let y’all know the verdict when she wakes up.”

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4. THANKFULLY, JAMILAH REALLY APPRECIATED THE SURPRISE.She said yes, of course! She took to social media herself to share the good news along with a close-up picture of the ring. “YESSSSSSS! God you literally just blew my mind,” she posted. “God you are amazing to send me this man who loves me for real. Michael Mayorga I love you so much.”