Man Dumbfounded After His Security Camera Catches Out of Control Truck Running Over Pedestrians

by San Eli News

Police are looking for the driver of a pickup truck after he was caught on camera leaving the scene of a hit-and-run accident.

On January 10, a Portland, Oregon homeowner was looking through the footage from his surveillance camera when he found a clip of an out-of-control truck barrelling towards three pedestrians.

That homeowner, Javier Gonzales, told KOIN that when he first saw the incident take place he thought he had just watched someone get killed:

“I looked at it, I rewinded it a few times just out of shock.”

The footage was timed stamped at 4:52 p.m. on January 10. The video shows a dark silver or grey pickup truck with a canopy flying up onto a curb as three pedestrians take off running.

While one of the three pedestrians was able to narrowly escape, the truck hit the second and third pedestrian, causing one of them to careen into a bench.

Gonzales sent the video to the authorities, but none of the people involved in the hit-and-run have reported the incident yet.

Authorities told KOIN that the video has been sent throughout the police station for officers on patrol to keep an eye out for the vehicle in question.

Gonzales says the truck is “super common” around the area:

“I mean I’ve seen a lot of trucks like that.”

As KOIN reports, no one else who lives in the area witnessed the hit-and-run take place. Gonzalez said it seems as though his cameras were the only thing to have captured the events:

“It really seems like the cameras are the only thing that caught this and the people that actually got hit and the person in the truck.”

And although the events that took place were “horrible,” Gonzales says it was a good thing the hit-and-run took place when it did because that area is usually crawling with kids playing in the park.

For more information on this story, watch the video below: