A Wisconsin man accused of being the first to fire handgun in the air at the Kenosha protests before alleged Kyle Rittenhouse shootings ha admitted to the accusations.

Before teen gunman, Kyle Rittenhouse fatal shot and killed two people, Joshua Zimimski had “fired off a ‘warning shot’ into the air.

The 35-year-old Joshua Ziminski and his wife “both admitted ” to the detectives that it was him who had fired the first shot, even though, it was not intended negatively.

Calling the gunshot a “pivotal moment”, Attorneys of Rittenhouse confirmed that the gunshot left the 17-year-old Kyle fearing he had “no way out” as he was chased by protesters with “no way to know who fired the shot”.

Ziminski underwent investigation by the same detectives who were to probe Rittenhouse as well as the viral videos of the killings, a complaint said.

He was seen and confirmed to “be holding a black hand gun” just before the attack. He was also seen with his wife Kelly walking toward the Ultimate Gas Station lot with his “arm pointing the gun upward towards the sky,” the document said.

After admitting to the claim that Ziminski indeed fired a shot into the air”, the couple claimed they could not produce the gun because it had been stolen from their home, said the complaint.

According to online court records, Ziminski was charged of disorderly conduct and use of a dangerous weapon. He pleaded not guilty during a virtual hearing on Friday and was released same Friday on $1,000 cash board with conditions barring him from having any weapons or talking to his girlfriend about the case.

A pre-trial hearing is booked for Dec,.4.

Rittenhouse faces one court each of first degree intentional homicide, first degree reckless homicide and one count of attempted first degree intentional homicide.