Man Caught On Footage Stealing Cellphone From A Woman Who Collapsed While Jogging And Died

St Louis: A Missouri man has been facing charges for reportedly stealing a cellphone from a collapsed jogger who was dying on a St. Louis sidewalk.

The surveillance camera installed in St. Louis side walked clear to show the Missouri man, who was later identified by 35-year-old Brain Davenport who exited from a van and slowly moved near to the collapsed jogger and took his cellphone, and went from the scene.

Reports say that the collapsed jogger, who was also later identified as the 64-year-old Jacquelyn Olden collapsed during her jogging rounds however, she was soon rushed to the hospital but sadly she was pronounced dead in the hospital.

Few reports also say that Jacquelyn collapsed the first and she tried to use her phone before falling for the second time but she couldn’t, and someone else eventually called for help.

Police said that they have traced the van and have arrested Davenport who admitted to being possessed of her phone. He has been arrested on charges of “Felony Stealing”