Man Bought His House 102 Years Ago From Sears. Here’s What It Looks Like Today

Of all the things made to last, this has got to be one of the best!

Sears has been experiencing their ups and downs lately. They have just reported that they’ll be shutting down some of the stores they own throughout the country as a result of a steady decline in sales.

It’s sad to see companies that have helped America prosper shutting down.

Ford, GE, and GMC struggle to keep up with economically powerful companies like Amazon and Google. Amazon and Google are respected giants of the 21st century.

As innovative technology continues to grow, it’s hard for successful companies established long ago to keep up with the pace.

Sear’s legacy will not die, even though we are aware of the fact this company will no longer be around.

It was a 1900s top retailer that was responsible for building the America of today.

This company was innovated in several ways. One of these ways was mail-order businesses.

Sears has sold appliances, houses, automobiles, and more. They have sold many items.

Many of the companies that exist today make things that don’t last long, but Sears was recognized for having high-quality products.

A Reddit user by the name of RealHotSauceBoss said he is in the process of restoring a house his grandfather purchased from Sears in 1916.

In 1916, this house was sold for a little more than $1,000. When you think about how much that house would cost today, the price wasn’t at all bad.

There were many different models you could purchase, and they would be shipped by Sears to any place in the country.

The only thing you needed was a piece of land for your house, and it could be quickly set up for use.

Pieces of the house were shipped along with blueprints made to guide you through the construction process. The house was to be built one piece at a time.

How wonderfully innovative.

This concept would be a regular one now. With the availability of compact houses all over the country, people are starting to return to living in simple conditions.

There are many do-it-yourself people who would also jump at the chance to get hold of blueprints and construct homes for themselves.

Records from the Sears Archives of Atlas Obscura indicate that more than 75,000 mail-order houses were sold from 1908 to 1940.

Model No. 137 was this Reddit user’s father’s home that sold for approximately $1,200 in 1916. When adjustments for inflation were made, this amount was equal to $27,000.

The Sears mail-order house made it through a century of hard times.

Written by the Reddit user was information about the house. It was stated that the wood used then was untreated. Therefore, the outside was very coarse.

The structure of the house was sound, however.

We constructed a HardiePlank shell over the external surface and put storm windows over the existing ones.

The existing windows had to be replaced because they were worn and they leaked.

Considering the cement used is older than a century, the condition of the cellar is good. This project is still extremely interesting.

What do you feel people of the future year 2118 will look back on in amazement?

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