Man Arrested After Allegedly Using Scissors to Cut Toddler’s Tongue. His Mom Lied Saying He Fell

An Indiana couple is facing charges after a toddler was taken to a local hospital with a split tongue on January 16.

As Fox13 reports, in addition to the split tongue, the 14-month-old boy arrived at Union Hospital with a swollen scrotum and severe bruises all over his body.

Holly Cota, the boy’s mother, told police her son’s injuries were a result of him falling out of his crib and biting his tongue.

According to Fox13, the affidavit reports that Cota, 28, said her son “must have straddled the toy box when he fell, causing damage to his scrotum.”

However, when the child was transported to the Riley Hospital for Children, a doctor with the Child Protection Team told officers the split was not caused by the boy’s teeth.

The affidavit states:

She said that the cut appeared clean and was not torn which indicated that some type of tool, possibly scissors, were used. She also said that a piece at the tip of the tongue was missing.

Further, the doctor pointed out that teeth do not run in the direction of the split and the injuries weren’t consistent with a fall or even two falls. The injuries were inflicted trauma, not accidents.

During a later interview, Cota confessed that her boyfriend, Scott Edwards, was watching her son when he was injured.

Police later arrested Edwards, 33, and charged him with aggravated battery, battery, and neglect of a dependent. Further, officers arrested Cota on obstruction of justice charges.

Chelsie Loose, who’d been a friend of the family for 20 years, was devastated by the news.

Loose said:

I am appalled. I am disgusted. My heart hurts. When that’s all you can think about is that poor baby going through that with nobody for him to be his voice and say stop…you’re hurting me. It just breaks my heart.”

There is no word on who is currently caring for the child.