Man Accused of Infecting Teens With HIV Freed on Bail Despite Cops’ Protests

Despite the warnings of police officers, an accused pedophile in Australia was freed on bail. Jadd William Brooker, a resident of Adelaide, was accused of targeting children and trying to infect them with HIV. The 38-year-old man was suspected of targeting as many as 19 children.
The accused child molester was granted bail at the Christies Beach Magistrates Court in Adelaide. After paying a bond of $1,000, Magistrate Rodney Oates granted the bail. Brooker is now currently living with his grandmother. Meanwhile, law enforcement officers are monitoring him 24/7.
Suspect targeted teens online
Photo: Facebook
Brooker was accused of having sexual relations with minor and possessing child exploitation material. One of the teenagers who had intercourse with Brooker was allegedly unaware of his HIV infection.
“The surviving victim was unaware of Brooker’s medical status when they engaged in sexual activity, and he is currently undergoing medical testing,” said the prosecutors, cited by I Heart Intelligence.
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According to the investigation, Brooker targeted around 19 children between the ages of 13 and 16. The crimes took place from December 2015 and August 2020. During that period, Brooker allegedly groomed two teenage boys and had sexual relations with both of them.
Police are also suspecting that he had connection with other pedophiles online.
When the police were already closing in on him, Brooker asked help from his mother to prevent them from seeing the evidence. When she visited him in prison, Brooker requested his mother to delete his Facebook account.
In addition to that, he also ordered his mother to delete other web accounts including his Microsoft Live account. According to prosecutors of the case, this is Brooker’s clear attempt of destroying evidence that can be used against him in court.
Suspect wiped out ‘millions of pieces of evidence’
Photo: Facebook
In a statement, the prosecutors claimed that there could potentially be ‘millions of pieces of evidence’ in Brooker’s online accounts, according to Daily Mail.

“Given the nature of the charges, a lot of potential evidence is stored in the cloud – potentially millions of pieces of evidence – and this is an attempt to destroy it before police can uncover it.”
According to Magistrate Oates, he granted the bail because Jadd William Brooker had no prior criminal record or arrest.
“I do take into account the fact other charges are being investigated but, in relation to this bail application, I must focus on the charges that are before this court.”
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