Man, 60, Rapes 11-Year-Old Girl During Sleepover, Sends Her Obscene Messages on SnapChat

by San Eli News

A Utah man is currently facing multiple felony charges for sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl and sending her obscene messages on Snapchat. The 60-year-old suspect was caught after the victim’s parents saw his messages on her phone.
The suspect was identified as Dennis Early Skiby, a resident of Heber. In a span of several weeks, Skiby sexually assaulted the victim, who came over to their home for a sleepover. The girl, whose identity was withheld, claimed that the assaults happened ‘a lot.’
According to The Sun, the victim and her group of friends would stay over at Skiby’s house and watch horror movies. The girls also slept in his bedroom. In one instance, the victim slept on Skiby’s bed, and he took advantage of it by making her strip and touching her private parts.
Photo: Unsplash
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The victim was interviewed by the police at the Wasatch County Children Justice Center. The girl claimed that while Skiby was a ‘great guy,’ she can no longer trust him after he repeatedly took advantage of her. Court documents claimed that the 60-year-old suspect also sodomized the victim multiple times.
On September 2, Skiby was apprehended by law enforcement authorities. When the authorities seized his phone, they uncovered Skiby’s disturbing and sexually explicit messages to the victim on Snapchat.
They also discovered a photo of the topless suspect and the victim in the same bed.
Photo: Foter
Some of the messages were cited in Meaww: “I want to make love to you so bad it makes my body shiver,” “I miss you and I love you,” and “Please make sure you delete these messages.”
The victim’s parents were horrified after discovering these sick messages on their daughter’s phones. Indeed, if the victim had deleted these messages on Snapchat, Skiby will surely walk away free. Until now, it’s still not clear where the suspect is currently in custody.

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