Mama Bear Takes Her 5 Adorable Cubs To Play In A Children’s Playground

by San Eli News
Mama Bear Takes Her 5 Adorable Cubs To Play In A Children’s Playground

The cubs are full of energy and are really playful. It is specific for them to play in the fight because their mother-bear teaches them to protect themselves and helps them become stronger. But if things get too rough, she will discipline them and punch them!

Being a Cub is Not Always a Privilege

Being a cub is not always fun and a game, because they are expected to follow their mother and learn how to find food or hunt, all with the goal of helping them survive and become independent.

If these cute creatures find themselves in a puddle or open field, they are not afraid to play, and their play resembles that of children. In the pictures and videos below, you can see 5 cute cubs who, without any fear, started playing with the swing and other props in the playground after entering the yard. This was filmed by the landlady, right after she noticed this joyful bear family.

The video was shot in Asheville, North Carolina, where the area is home to a large population of black bears, estimated at 100 to 200. Asheville residents often have the opportunity to meet these bears wandering the yards and sometimes taking snacks from their containers.

This isn’t the only case of a bear family breaking into someone’s backyard in hopes of having a great time in their pools, on hammocks, and, of course, in search of food left out in the open.

Although they seem daunting to live in an area populated with bears it should not be a handicap because black bears can be easily chased away by anyone, even the smallest dog.

Facts About the Cubs

Cubs usually stay with their mothers until they are between 1½ and two years of age when their mother will send them off on their own before she will mate again.  Leaving their mother bear siblings may stay together for another year, which happens for protection.

Bears walk just like humans, straight-legged, instead of on their toes like most animals. That way they walk upright like humans, which from a distance looks great, but up close can be a little intimidating.

Bears have similar characteristics to pigeons, which helps them cling to the trees they climb and makes it easier for them to put food in their mouths.

Predators and self-defense

Because of their size, they can be quite intimidating, so they don’t have many enemies, but their biggest enemies are humans and both.

Female bears have to guard their cubs which can make the female quite nervous. When defending themselves, the bears look bigger and pick up their fur and stand on their hind legs.

Reminder from wildlife experts

  • If you see a bear cub, in almost all instances, leave it alone no intervention is necessary
  • In the vast majority of situations, when a mother bear perceives a threat she will often “tree” her cubs. Black bear cubs are adept climbers from a very young age.
  • While the cubs are in the trees, the mother bear circles back periodically to check the area for security. So, if the cubs are in a tree and no mother bear, people should leave the area immediately.
  • When the mother bear is sure that the area where her cubs are is free of disturbance by humans, pets, or other sources, she will return and collect them.
  • Hikers, hunters, or other people exploring the outdoors have to know to keep dogs on a leash while hiking so that they don’t spook a bear from a den or attempt to pick up cubs.
  • If a bear cub is visibly injured, lethargic, or has been in the same area for more than 12 hours, call your local sheriff’s office or police department
  • While bears come out of hibernation in April and May they can cross over major roads without attention, so if you’re driving through a heavily wooded area it is important to slow down and be on the lookout for wildlife.