Louisiana Mom With History of Abuse Charged for Infant’s Death

by San Eli News

An infant in Louisiana died under suspicious circumstances way back in May of 2020. The 9-month-old baby met an untimely death after sustaining blunt force injuries all over his body. The suspect was none other than the infant’s mother, who had a history of abusing her own children in the past.
The mother was identified as Sharon Johnson, who is currently facing a murder charge for the death of her infant way back in May 2020. According to a police report, Shreveport police officers responded to an emergency call from the family’s home at 4700 Hilry Huckabee III drive.
Photo: Shreveport Police
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The call stated that a 9-month-old baby has suffered from multiple blunt force injuries. Upon arriving at the scene, police officers found the unresponsive infant. The baby was rushed to the Ocshner LSU Health Hospital to receive immediate medical attention.

Unfortunately, the infant eventually succumbed to his injuries and later died at the hospital. Due to the suspicious circumstances surrounding the infant’s death, police launched an investigation.
Law enforcement officers from the Homicide Unit and the Youth Services Bureau worked together during the investigation. They also visited the family home and photographed the scene and collect any things that may be used as evidence.
Photo: Unsplash
Investigators also looked into the history of the mother. According to The Sun, they also interviewed several witnesses who have seen Johnson’s abusive tendencies.
A few days after the death of her baby, Johnson was taken into custody for allegedly subjecting her older daughter to physical abuse. She was held on charges of second-degree cruelty to juvenile. Johnson was taken into custody at the Caddo Parish Correctional Center ever since.
Finally, after a few months of probing, detectives secured enough evidence to request for the warrant of Johnson.

On October 3, she was charged with second-degree murder for the suspicious death of her infant. Her bond is set at $500,000.
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