Louisiana Man Secretly Lived Inside Closet of Teenage Girl for a Month

by San Eli News

A Louisiana man was arrested for having sexual relations with a teenage girl. Police officers identified the suspect as 36-year-old Johnathan Rossmoine, who is currently being held at Hernando County Jail. Rossmoine reportedly had sexual relations with a 15-year-old and even hid in her bedroom closet for weeks on end.

Whilst it would seem that Rossmoine has been fornicating the girl against her will, authorities state that she considers him her “boyfriend”. The pair met at a virtual reality social platform, VRChat, a few years back, according to New York Post.
Suspect secretly visited teen’s home
At that time, the minor told him that she was 18 years old. He would later find out in one of their “dates” that she was, in fact, not that old — but this fact did not hinder their “relationship”.

Following their first meeting, the alleged pedophile constantly drove from his home state of Louisiana to Spring Hill, Florida to meet and commit sexual acts with his “girlfriend”.

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Due to the apparent inconvenience brought about by this system, the two formulated a plan to keep Rossmoine in the girl’s house for long stretches of time.

“He and the young lady came up with the idea that he could just stay in her room if he hid in the closet whenever the parents came in,” Hernando County Sheriff’s Office Detective Tom Cameron said, reported by Fox 13 News.
“They kept the bedroom door closed and locked and whenever someone came to the door it gave them an opportunity to run and hide in the closet and open up the door to where maybe she was changing or something,” he continued.
Parents heard ‘noises’ in daughter’s room
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Rossmoine’s most recent visit to the girl’s house saw him staying for over five weeks, before eventually getting caught when the young lady’s parents heard noises from her bedroom.

On the incident, child psychologist Dr. Wendy Rice said, “Kids can be doing things under our noses and in your house that you might not be aware of that could shock you… Get the electronics out of the bedroom. That is key. None of us really need to be sleeping with our phones next to our beds and least of all teens.”

As mentioned above, the pedophile has been incarcerated at Hernando County Jail with a $25,000 bond and charged with four counts of lewd and lascivious behavior, and one count of travelling to meet a minor for sexual purposes.
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