Last Time Mom Saw Daughter Was on a Security Camera While Her Dad Held a Machete—She Wants Her Baby Girl Back

When Raven Williams received an alert on her phone indicating her security cameras were picking up movement, she clicked on the app to check it out.

According to ABC 7, what she saw was her husband with their 1-year-old daughter, Amani, on his hip. He was dragging Williams’ clothes out to the yard and setting them on fire.

The father, Christopher, was then seen walking with his daughter in one hand and a machete in the other. As he walked passed their security cameras, he slashed at them. Williams said:

“I get an alert on my phone and I look live and see my husband dragging all of my things out to the backyard and lighting them aflame.”

She quickly called the police as she continued to watch her husband burn her stuff through the security cameras:

“I see my husband on camera still standing in the backyard with police officers in the front yard. Moments after with a machete in his hands and my daughter on his hip he slices the cameras.”

However, police were unable to capture Christopher.

ABC 11 reporter Morgan Norwood shared still images from the security camera on Twitter:

That’s the last time Williams saw Amani and her husband.

Now all the mother wants is her daughter back.

As Williams told ABC 11, she believes her husband’s actions were the result of an argument they had on the night of July 13.

Since their disappearance, Williams “filed a domestic violence protective order that said her husband needs to stay away, but bring Amani back home.” But as Williams said, the protective order “means nothing until they serve it to him and they can’t find him.”

Fayetteville Police Lieutenant Gary Womble told ABC 11 that “there’s not an active search for the child as much as there is a search for Mr. Williams.”

Authorities believe that if they can find Christopher, they will find Amani and be able to return her to her mother. However, as Williams admitted she fears for her daughter’s safety.

Womble added that until they get evidence that Amani is in danger, no Amber Alert will be issued.

Williams wrote on Facebook, “The police aren’t doing enough. I have to get out and look for her. I have too.”