Killer Hippo Drags Young Boy to Death After the Victim Got Too Close on the Lake

In South Africa, a Kenyan boy had met his tragic end from a wild animal while playing near a lake.
Source: Wikimedia Commons/Zahra Abdulmajid
The Tragic Death of The Kenyan Boy
A boy who was living in Kenya were near the lake of Victoria to play when he was suddenly attacked by a hippo. In a YouTube video recorded last September, it can be seen that a hippo had dragged the toddler to the lake. The Kenyan boy was no match for the incredible strength of the large beast. The boy was taken far from land. A few inches from land, the hippo was seen in the video swimming further away from land.
Furthermore, the video showed how the residents and the other people who were near the lake threw multiple rocks and other objects towards the hippo.
After a few moments, the hippo released the boy. The body of the toddler was recovered by the residents after a while. However, the boy suffered severe injuries. Later on, the Kenyan boy lost his life due to the fatal injuries he suffered.
According to residents of the area, hippos have been a headache to the community a few months before the tragic incident.

Based on a report, the fishermen of the area were burdened with the hippo-problem. The locals’ evening fishing trips were compromised due to the terrorizing of the hippo population in the area.
The Kenya Wildlife Service will offer help to the community. They will be forming a response team to help with the issue.
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One of The Deadliest Animals
Hippopotamus or ‘hippo’ is a huge animal that is native to Africa. It is one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. They can weigh at least 1400 kilograms. It means that a few kilograms boy was an easy weight to carry for more than a 1400-kilogram hippo. It makes dragging the Kenyan boy to the water an effortless task.
Aside from their massive weight, their sharp teeth and aggressiveness make them one of the deadliest animals on the earth.

In Africa, more or less 500 cases of human deaths were reported to be caused by hippo attacks.
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