Kids of Woman Who Fell Overboard Say the Cruise Was Meant For Mom and Husband to Work on Marriage

by San Eli News

According to the children of Almarosa Tenorio, she was hesitant about going on her most recent cruise, despite having gone on multiple cruises in the past.

As NBC News reports, Almarosa and her husband Leo Tenorio boarded a Princess Cruise ship last week that was heading to Aruba.

Posted by Almarosa Tenorio on Sunday, April 2, 2017

Almarosa was later found deceased on November 13. According to authorities, the 52-year-old mother went overboard, falling 14-stories before landing on one of the lifeboats attached to the sides of the ship.

Now, while authorities are trying to piece together the woman’s “mysterious” death, her children told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that their mother never wanted to go on this particular trip.

According to her daughter, Andrea Smith, Almarosa had a bad feeling about the trip with her husband.

Posted by Almarosa Tenorio on Sunday, April 2, 2017

Andrea told GMA:

“My mom did not want to go on this cruise. She did not, point blank. She did not want to go. She knew something was going to happen.”

Andrea’s brother, Timothy Tenorio, added:

“The night before they left my mom hugged me for like a good five minutes. And I was kind of curious about why it was so long? And then I asked her and she saidWell it might be the last hug you get from me.’”

Currently, there are “no new” suspects in the investigation, according to the FBI. And although her husband Leo was questioned as part of the ongoing investigation, he is currently not considered a suspect.

As GMA reports, witnesses are saying they saw Almarosa struggling with an unidentified man.

Andrea said the trip was supposed to be a time so the couple could work on their marriage:

“He specifically said they were going on this cruise because they wanted one week in order to work on their relationship just them two alone.”

In a statement, Leo said of his wife that he hopes to “treat the memory of her with respect. Her death will haunt me forever.”

Her family hopes that by the time the investigation into Almarosa’s death is done, they will have the answers they need regarding what happened to her that night.