Karen Asks Priest Why He Tolerates ‘Prostitutes’ Him, Gets Shut Down

by San Eli News

In the Karen world, talking to the manager is a sport in its own league. But what if it challenges someone from a very unusual background? Because when it comes to entitled people who love digging into the lives of others, nothing is sacred.

This is what happened to an Anglican priest named Daniel D. Brereton, who got bombarded by a woman enraged by his followers. The priest posted a series of screenshots on Twitter from the DMs he received from a “very concerned” follower. It turns out, this person couldn’t wrap their head around how come Daniel tolerates his followers who work in the sex industry.

But the priest had a lot to respond to on the matter, and his mic-drop reply blew up on Twitter with 90.6K likes. It seems like talking to the church manager didn’t quite work out.

This priest shared the messages from one very concerned follower on Twitter and it went viral

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It’s no secret that the subject of religion itself is a slippery one that can easily generate unwanted conflict between people of various beliefs. No wonder The US Census Bureau has not asked questions about religion since the 1950s and it’s still widely considered rude to do so even in informal settings.

When it comes to tolerating others, a famous study done by the influential psychologist Gordon W. Allport in the 1960s showed that religious beliefs in general are positively associated with a willingness to sacrifice for one’s beliefs, and a greater tolerance of (outsiders).

There’s a whole different story when it comes to the social facets of religion, such as attendance, which can “promote greater hostility” towards people of other faiths. That means that certain rituals which affirm your bond with like-minded individuals can make you more hostile toward those who fall out of the circle.

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