Joseph Deangelo, the golden state killer suspect willreportedly plead guilty against 90 charges.

by San Eli News
According to a report, the golden state killer Joseph Deangelo might face as much as 90 charges against him. Although, this is not without any reason. He has done so many crimes that even big criminals will put to shame.

He has been charged with over 13 murders that took place across 5 Californian counties. Not only that, but he is also a suspect of over 50 violent rape cases.

He is said to have made a personal relationship with his victims. He would use this to trap his victims. There are instances where he went to the house of the victim, showed them family photos, and whatnot. He even sometimes called his victims sometimes after the crime.

It is because of this that a sim was kept by one of her rape victims for years. She did so on the instruction of the police. Police always hoped that someday he would call, but he never did.

Joseph Deangelo, the golden state killer suspect will reportedly plead guilty against 90 charges. 
Joseph Deangelo, the golden state killer suspect will reportedly plead guilty against 90 charges.

A letter obtained by the cbs13 report said that “Criminal cases often take many years to resolve by trial,” The trial process is often very stressful for victims and their families. This particular case is exceedingly complex due to the number of charged crimes and the diverse locations of the charged crimes.

We would like to reach a resolution of the case that avoids a trial, satisfies all parties, and provides a more immediate resolution of the case.”

It wasn’t easy to find him. Police found him using a DNA match from an online website. He is already 74 years old. Moreover, just from last year, capital punishment is not allowed in California. He might serve a life sentence. Although his age will also be taken into account for sentence purposes. Till then, stay tuned with us.