John Wick is all set to rock and ride, read the article to know more

The franchise of John Wick is one of the most popular action franchises of all time. As we all have seen the story of the films has taken us to a great ride of adventure putting John Wick in front of numerous dangerous adversaries, and kept the viewers eyes and mouth wide open nearly killing I’m on multiple occasions.

Now John Wick Franchise is getting a new roller coaster at the Dubai theme will give riders two different options for the ride. The riders will either be able to help John Wick avoid being hunted by the assassins or to team up with the assassins to hunt John Wick.

The coaster will build up inside a 10-story tall replica of the Continental Hotel, one of the most important landmarks shown in the movie. It is a recreation of a car chasing sequence, which we often see in the John Wick universe.

Well John Wick is not only the Lionsgate franchise that got the offer, Now You See Me is also going to enter the theme park. It’s being named as High Roller, which will pull riders in the middle of a casino heist.

Both of the new roller coasters introduced in the Dubai theme park are expected to be opened in 2021, when the business will come back into motion.