Jenelle Evans Speaks out After Son Was Removed From Her Care by CPS: ‘No Notice or Call to Me’

In an exclusive statement, “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans is explaining exactly what happened to her boys and why she needs prayers.

As Dearly previously reported, Child Protective Services allegedly removed Evans’ middle child, Kaiser, while her mom, Barbara, is allegedly keeping her from her oldest son, Jace, following the death of her dog.

Less than two weeks ago, Evans’ husband, David Eason, shot and killed her dog after the pet allegedly bit their daughter, Ensley.

Now, Evans is opening up about what exactly happened when her son was removed from her home.

She told Us Weekly in an exclusive statement:

“Kaiser was taken away Friday without my consent, before Mother’s Day, and I have been in touch with my lawyer pertaining this matter.”

Evans continued:

“Kaiser was taken from his daycare by his grandmother [Nathan Griffith’s mother, Doris] with no notice or call to me. CPS told Doris to take Kaiser without my consent and still have no legal paperwork signed by the judge stating my kids are taken from me.

Nathan and I have talked briefly regarding this situation. [He] and I are to appear in court later this month.”

As Dearly previously reported, Nathan called for a welfare check of his son following the shooting to make sure Kaiser was okay.

Evans added that per their discussion, Nathan doesn’t want to see Kaiser taken from her permanently:

“Our current custody order is still in place. Nathan is to have supervised visits and only supervised by Doris. Surprisingly, me and Nathan have been getting along, so I’m willing to maybe let his visits be unsupervised. Me and Nathan have been in contact during all of this. He doesn’t want Kaiser taken from me.

My legal team has been on this since it [occurred]. I’ve been fighting to get my son back, as they went behind my back and removed him without my consent.”

Soon after the shooting happened, Evans admitted that she was considering divorcing Eason as a result.

However, as she explained that has changed:

“My relationship with David now is still in a healing process, of course. We are going to start going to marriage counseling because he feels as if we both need it. I completely agree. Not considering divorce unless he refuses counseling with me.”

Evans added that this whole ordeal has taken its toll on Eason’s oldest daughter.

And the only person keeping Evans from her son Jace is her mom, Barbara:

“My mom is keeping Jace from me, nobody else. I only had Ensley with me for Mother’s Day this year. And my mom is taking it out on me for being let go from MTV.

At this time, I want to focus on what’s best for myself and my family. My lawyer has been advising me on what to do and what has gone wrong in this whole situation.”

She concluded:

“Any rumors that come out, I would like for everyone to just step back and think, ’Is this from Jenelle? No, it’s not true,’” she concludes. “I’m very open with the public and my life and will continue to be. Right now, I need this time to just hang out with my family. I need them so bad right now.”

Ensley still remains in custody of Evans.