Chinese employers are notoriously tough on their workers – unlike lenient American companies. In China, workers are expected to work many more hours than the eight hours required of American workers, which explains why many move overseas to enjoy the benefits of American living. Conditions are so tough in China that one janitorial worker decided to prove to her bosses that she does a good job cleaning toilets – that she happily drank toilet water to prove just how clean it was after her shift.



Because the woman drank toilet water, her company called her an “exemplary employee” and praised her highly for the disgusting tactic. Although the clip was just thirty-two seconds in length, it proved that Chinese workers do not have it as easy as their American counterparts. Imagine if a worker in America drank toilet water to prove they did their job right – it just would not go over the same way.

Footage shows the woman squatting down to scoop water out of a toilet. She then brings the small drinking glass to her lips to suck down the toilet water and prove to her bosses that they should keep her on the job for as long as possible.

The woman conducted the stunt in front of people who are suspected to be her supervisors. They applauded her work ethic and dedication to her janitorial job. Reports indicate that his clip came from a fertilizer company in eastern China’s Shandong Province.



Although the bosses at the job approved of the tactic, social media users across China soon started a debate. Most agreed that it was “insulting” that the supervisors would allow such a degrading thing to happen – especially in the middle of a global pandemic. Not only do they applaud her efforts, no one is wearing masks during the interaction.

“Ask the bosses to join in,” one Weibo (the Chinese equivalent to Twitter) user suggested.

Another person suggested that the employee was forced to drink toilet water to prove she did her job correctly.

“It was so hard on the cleaner,” the person commented.

Despite the outrage from members of the Chinese public, it is widely known that tap water is not safe to consume across China. However, the fertilizer company has assured the general public that the toilet water they use is able to be consumed. The company also claimed that the woman did the act under her own free will. They did not suggest that her job was on the line or anything.



The company is called Zhong Cheng Fertilizer Technology Company. During an interview with Red Star News, the chiefs at the firm applauded the employee’s efforts to prove she did a good job.

The employee was referred to by her surname, Luo.

According to a company spokesperson, Ms. Luo drank toilet water for two years after she struggled to initially break “through her psychological barrier” to consuming the soon-to-be-sewage material. The spokesperson also suggested that Luo drank the water as a way to motivate herself to do a great job for her superiors.

“She is our example,” the company said. “[By doing so, it] shows she does her job to the highest level.”