IRS Still Owes Thousands of Americans $500 Stimulus Check for Children

Have you already received your stimulus check from the IRS? If you have children, which classify as dependent, you are entitled to $500 stimulus check for each of your kid.
As of August, according to IRS officials, more than 450,000 recipients are yet to claim their $500 dependent money.
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According to Market Watch, a system glitch has skipped the $500 stimulus check for many families through mid-May. On August 7, the IRS has started sending the checks through checks and debit cards.
Those who filed for at least one qualifying dependent using the non-filer tool before May 17 will receive the catch-up payments by mid-October. After May 17, IRS was successfully able to include the dependent money in the checks.

The qualifications for the $500 stimulus check for your dependent remains the same: the filer must be US citizen, must have a valid Social Security number, and must not be a dependent of another taxpayer.
For heads of household, the adjusted gross income is $146,500. For married couples, it’s $198,000.
How to file for missing $500 stimulus check
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If you still haven’t received your payment for your dependents, you can request for it using the IRS’ Non-Filers tool until September 30. Using this tool, you can fill up the information of your dependents and also correct any errors you wish to change.
According to CNET, you will have to provide your full name, email address and mailing address, birth date, Social Security number, bank account number, drivers’ license or state ID, and your qualifying child’s Social Security number.
For those who will not make it to the cut-off in September 30, you can still claim your $500 stimulus check but it will be processed on 2021.

But if you plan on filing a tax return for 2019, IRS does not recommend using the Non-Filers tool as it can slow down the process.
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