Influencer Loses 1M Fans After Everyone Sees Her Table Manners

Charli D’Amelio relies on TikTok for her career. However, the “influencer” offended her fans when she and her sister were filmed gagging as they ate the meal their personal chef prepared for them. The content was so bothersome and aggravating to fans that D’Amelio lost about one million followers in less than twenty-four hours. As of Wednesday evening, she had a staggering 99.5 million followers on the Chinese-created social media platform, but after uploading her offensive video, she lost nearly one million dedicated followers and really hurt her income stream.



Followers do not want to follow a bratty sixteen-year-old girl. When D’Amelio and her older sister were acting like little children around their personal luxury chef, she lost more than 950,000 followers on TikTok. Now, Charli and her sister, Dixie, are struggling to regain what they lost. Before the major mistake of posting content that made D’Amelio unrelatable, the 16-year-old was TikTok’s most-popular content creator. Now that she knows her followers are fickle, she may have to rethink her content strategy if she hopes to retain that place at the top.

Before she offended her fans, Charli was close to her goal of gaining 100 million followers by the end of the year. Since she was just 500,000 away from that stretch goal, it was possible for the sixteen-year-old to achieve. However, she failed to do so with this video, which lost her nearly one million followers because of the disturbing content.

“I wish I had more time. Imagine if I hit 100 million a year after hitting 1 million,” she told their dinner guest, YouTube star, and beauty influencer James Charles.



“Was the 95 million not enough for you?” James sarcastically replied. Because he was forced to eat a meal with the rude TikTok star, he did not seem very pleased with it.

Throughout the meal, Charli and Dixie gagged and made faces in response to their personal chef’s meal. They had hired the great chef Aaron May. Nevertheless, the pair were completely rude about it. At one point, Dixie made a big show of running outside to “throw up” the meal that May had just put in front of her.

Both Charli and Dixie have lost a lot of followers because of their rude stunt. While Charli lost nearly a million people, Dixie lost about 100,000 since the Wednesday faux pas.

Dixie was not happy that they lost fans because of their abhorrent behavior. She urged people to know the full story before judging the TikTok stars. No one has time for that.



“My family and I have been working with Chef Aaron May for a couple of months now, working on content for our channel and working on content for his channel, and [we’ve] made an amazing friendship,” she said. “Before I even get into anything, I’m so grateful for every single person that follows me, every single person I care about, every single person I work with, every single person who works with me because I’m just so grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve had.”

Dixie explains she throws up a lot, which has some people fearing she may have an eating disorder.

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