Infertile mother lets boyfriend rape daughter, 10, as she wanted to ‘borrow her belly’ for another pregnancy

by San Eli News
Infertile mother lets boyfriend rape daughter, 10, as she wanted to ‘borrow her belly’ for another pregnancy

In a horrific case of child sex abuse, a mother reportedly made her boyfriend rape her daughter, 10, as she wanted to have another baby with the man but was unable to do so as she was sterile. The mother has only been identified by her first name Angelica, and had allegedly asked her young daughter whether she could “borrow her belly”, The Sun reports. 

The child had refused the mother’s heinous request but the woman still reportedly made her boyfriend to rape the child. The crime is believed to have taken place on a farm which is located in Jalisco, in Southwestern Mexico on September 22, 2014. 

According to court documents, Angelica had been unable to bear children as she had undergone a sterilization surgery. The court was told how she wanted to have a child with her boyfriend and decided she would borrow her daughter’s ‘belly’ so that she could have a son. 

Angelica was outraged when her daughter had refused her request. It is said that Angelica’s boyfriend then suggested that he rape the child which the mother had agreed to, the court heard. 

The daughter then reported the incident to her aunt who filed a complaint with local authorities. Six years post the incident, Angelica has been arrested and placed in pre-trial detention. It is not known why it took so long to arrest the woman after the complaint was lodged. 

The woman is currently facing charges of aggravated child sexual abuse and family violence. Angelica made her first court appearance on Sunday, October 25. 

The name and age of the woman’s boyfriend has currently not been disclosed. The state prosecutor’s office has issued an official press statement saying that he is in custody but it is not known when he was arrested and whether he has already been sentenced. 

We had earlier reported another case where a nine-year-old girl in Frisco, Texas has alleged that she has been subjected to domestic violence, sexual grooming, as well as molestation in her primary residence. 

Sophie has alleged that her biological mother is complicit in the abuse and was also “encouraging it. A GoFundMe page which was started to help raise legal funds for the child. 

The organizer of the page, Kourtney Chalmers, said, “We have gone through 30 thousand dollars since June and the fight somehow isn’t over. We have been dealing with CPS, Law Enforcement, Lawyers, DFPS, Forensic interviews, and several doctors that are helping with Sophie’s recent medical issues in her private areas and as a resolute of the assault by her mother and grandmother in this video.”

According to Chalmers, little Sophie is “desperate to be saved from that environment and we are desperate to help her.” “She states her life has been threatened by these people and she is afraid, but has a brave heart and wants to help her brothers get away from the abuse too,” she added.

“We are down to the wire and in an all-out legal fight while trying to get law enforcement everything they need for their investigation.” The page states that the court is  “actually considering giving them back to her mother and the people who help her physically and mentally assault the children according to Sophie and the boys – including relatives of her fiancee who Sophie has described horrific sexual encounters with.”

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