India Put Out “Social Distancing” Circles In One Of Its Train Stations, People Are Mocking Their Hilariously Awkward Placement

While the whole world is still waiting for a definite cure to the deadly Covid-19 virus, the greatest weapon to curb it is social distancing. Combined with protective face masks and proper hygiene, social distancing can minimize the risk of catching the virus greatly.

To ensure proper social distancing, authorities around the globe have taken different measures. Some have started painting circles on the ground to help maintain safe distances between people in public. However, these social distancing circles in West Bengal, India have made people laugh out loud. Scroll down below to find out why.

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To ensure proper social distancing, the local authorities in West Bengal, India have drawn circles on the ground

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The pictures of oddly placed social distancing circles were shared by a Twitter user named Anamika. “So these guys made circles in some station in West Bengal at awkward places to maintain social distancing,” she tweeted. “Creativity level: infinity,” wrote Anamika along with a laughing emoji. The series of tweets has since gathered up more than 7k likes.

But apparently, they didn’t do such a good job

Image credits: MiishNottyAna

Image credits: MiishNottyAna

The oddly placed social distancing circles have caused Twitter to laugh out loud

Image credits: MiishNottyAna

The awkward placement of social distancing circles in West Bengal has left some people on Twitter in tears. “It looks like these were made by a bot,” News18 has probably described it the best. “Not even one circle is awkward. That is how people are found on stations in most of India,” someone on Twitter explained.

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There were people wondering whether the circles were placed prior to constructing the station

Image credits: MiishNottyAna

Image credits: MiishNottyAna

Because their awkward placement sure does raise many questions

Image credits: MiishNottyAna

Just to reiterate what you obviously already know, social distancing (or physical distancing) means keeping some space between yourself and other individuals in public places. The CDC recommends staying at least 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length) apart, along with other preventative measures, including face masks and avoiding touching your face.

Here’s what Twitter said

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