Incapacitated Woman Who Gave Birth at a Phoenix Care Facility Was ‘Likely’ to Have Been Pregnant Before

Lawyers claim a disabled rape victim who gave birth at Hacienda HealthCare while incapacitated may have been pregnant before.

AZ Family reports, the 29-year-old woman who delivered a boy December 29 after being sexually assaulted by her caregiver, was “likely” repeatedly raped at the Phoenix long-term care facility before giving birth, according to new documents.

As previously reported by Dearly, employees supposedly had no idea she was pregnant until she was in labor and delivery.

However, according to the lawsuit, the Maricopa County Medical Center alleges that the disabled woman, who is bedridden and nonverbal, was “violated repeatedly” and employees missed vital warning signs that she was with child.

After examining the woman following her baby’s birth the report concluded that her pregnancy was likely a “repeat parous event.”

The victim has been in an indisposed state since age 3.

The notice of claim states there were at least 83 opportunities for Hacienda HealthCare workers to detect her pregnancy.

The woman’s family is now seeking a $45 million settlement from the state of Arizona.

CNN reached out to the Arizona Attorney General’s office for comment but has not received a response.

Hacienda HealthCare has also not commented on the documents.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

The ex-nurse accused of raping the woman after authorities obtained DNA samples from male staff members, was arrested and charged with sexual assault and vulnerable adult abuse.

Nathan Sutherland has pleaded not guilty.

He was immediately fired after his arrest and has since given up his nursing license.

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