Husband who allegedly hit her pregnant wife is now accused of her murder.

Some of very horrifying details have been revealed in the court this week in the link to the death of Lizzie Garrow, the New- York woman, who was stabbed to death in the past month.

According to the Assistant District Attorney Bob Mascari of Madison County, Lizzie Garrow was identified as stabbed several times, with a knife as the murder weapon left near her body.

George McDonald, Garrows’ husband is accused and charged with murder.

On Wednesday, during a court hearing in Madison County, McDonald pleaded not guilty.

According to CrimeOnline, Garrow was last spotted at Dunkin in Canastota, on September 23. At that time McDonald was seen with Garrow, at that time.

When the family members were unable to contact Garrow, she was then reported missing on September 24.

Garrow had a 1-years-old daughter and she was 6- weeks pregnant with a second child.

Melissa Bush, Garrow’s sister said, “I knew something was wrong. I’m thinking: Where is she? This is unusual.” She further added, “She’s always online: Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook. But she hasn’t posted anything.”

Bush further continued, “The next thing you know they were dating. He rushed everything. The first day, he was like, ‘I want to get married.”

On 26th September, the officials discovered a body that looked like Garrow, away half miles from Dunkin’.

The Post-Standard reported, trained rescuers along with more than 75 officers, from 9 agencies who dedicated their weekend looking out for Garrow in Madison County.

The police reported that Garrow was killed on September 23, on the same day she disappeared. It was also confirmed that Garrow was on the early stages of her pregnancy.