Husband Pranks His Wife Flawlessly And The Video Of Her Hilarious Reaction Got 62M Views In 4 Days On Facebook Interview With Artist

There’s nothing quite like that bittersweet feeling of pranking your loved one. Whether you’ve tried a water bottle prank or not, if you’re still with your significant other, that means you’ve passed it.

But some pranks are definitely more creative than others, and this guy named Justin Flom is taking it to a whole new level. No, there’s nothing seemingly out of the ordinary in his prank.

Just like it takes two to tango, Justin staged a very practical stunt on his unsuspecting wife. The simple, yet genius prank worked so well, he managed to put his wife’s logic on hold. Justin uploaded the video on TikTok and it blew up with 49.4M views and 79.4K comments. So let’s see it to believe it, and kudos to the woman who puts up with him after this leg-pull!

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Justin’s badass prank on his wife has gone viral with people scratching their heads over how it unfolded

Bored Panda reached out to Justin Flom to comment on his viral prank. Justin told us the idea came as he saw a clip of Bugs Bunny fooling somebody with an obvious prank. “If it’s done right, it’s very visual and funny,” Justin said.

“This was an old prank seen online in viral videos, I just updated it to make it even more outrageous! Can’t believe it worked.”

Justin also said that he loved his wife’s reaction on camera. “It’s like her brain is computing slower than a Windows 95 startup,” he commented.

Overall, the magician believes that pranks are a great way to strengthen relationships, as long as they are fun. “I never want to hurt our marriage by hurting my wife. Only fun.”

If you want to get into the prank world, Justin suggests combining “building, cleverness, and great acting.” “Add a hidden camera and keep filming!”

It turns out, this prankster is no rookie when it comes to staging stunts. It turns out, since graduating high school, Justin has been posting videos on social media and was recognized by Las Vegas Weekly as “Best Up-And-Coming Entertainer” in 2013.

Fast forward to today: Justin has now appeared on the big screen showing his magic tricks on Ellen, The Today Show, and various network late night shows.

Justin told Digital Journal that one of his favorite tricks is his “Oreo” magic trick. “Last night on Snapchat, I was showing my followers a new thing I am working on with an Oreo, where I can actually snap through it in mid-air with my finger,” he said.

Just like in this prank, Justin’s wife Jocelynn Flom often is a participant in his videos. She also films the videos, while Justin edits the footage.

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