Houston cop caught stealing 14 times from Walmart while on duty, gets fired

A Houston police officer has been let off for stealing from Walmart 14 times while on duty, authorities said.

The accused, Billy Allen Hammack, an officer of Katy Police Department, was charged, on Thursday, with stealing from the store in uniform at least 14 times over a one-month period since July 24.

According to the police, he swiped more than $500 worth of items, including Hot Pockets and a ceiling fan, by not scanning them at the self-checkout line or swapping out price tags.

He was caught by the Security while reviewing the surveillance footage of Hammack’s alleged scheme, of the officer pretending to scan items during an Aug. 15 visit. They contacted the Katy Police Department, who then launched an investigation.

Detectives reviewed credit card records and GPS data from Hammack’s patrol car and linked him to 13 other incidents in total. As a result, Hammack , who worked with the department for less than three years, was fired as a result of the criminal investigation.

He currently faces a charge of theft by a public servant, which is considered a misdemeanor in the state, the outlet reported.