Honey Boo Boo Cries And Begs Mama June to Understand Why She’s No Longer Living With Her

Honey Boo Boo admits she’s scared to live with her mom and that it’s not her choice she’s living with her older sister, Lauryn (AKA Pumpkin).

In a new one minute clip from WEtv’s “Mama June: From Not to Hot,” the family’s intervention goes south when June storms out threatening to call the cops. However, the most emotional moment was seeing Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson break down into tears.

During the last episode of the show, Mama June is seen going in and out of consciousness before Pumpkin calls an ambulance for her. However, Pumpkin gets irritated by June’s boyfriend, Geno, after he convinces the 39-year-old that she doesn’t need to go to the hospital:

“Geno, man, he doesn’t give a sh*t. He’s honestly gonna get Mama killed if she doesn’t get rid of that dirtbag.”

Eventually, June’s family has an intervention where Honey Boo Boo breaks down.

In a clip shared by the Daily Mail, the 13-year-old tells her mom that she scared to come home with her:

“Do you not understand that I am staying with my sister? And that’s not by choice.”

It’s when June tells Alana that it is her choice that the teen breaks down into tears:

“It’s not my choice.”

The clip later shows Pumpkin telling Alana’s father and June’s ex, Sugar Bear, that she is taking temporary custody of her little sister shortly after they learned June and Geno were arrested on drug charges.

The clip ends with June saying she “hates” herself and the person she became:

“I want to f****** the person that I am right now.”

It’s been roughly two months since June and Geno were arrested on March 13, Dearly previously reported.

It’s believed that Alana is still living with Lauryn, who is being called her “de facto guardian,” per TMZ. Alana said at one point:

“I just want my mom back honestly.”

One of Alana’s most recent Instagram post is of her and her sister:

She captioned the photo:

Sisterly love

June and Geno were charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Geno was also charged with domestic violence. It’s unclear when the couple is expected to be in court next.

June has not yet opened up regarding her arrest or Honey Boo Boo’s new living arrangement.