Homeless Woman Was Sleeping In Grocery Shop Parking Lot For a Year – The Management’s Reaction Will Leave You Speechless

This woman, LaShenda, is from Tennessee and she used to spend the night in a grocery shop parking lot. She knew she had to hide from law enforcement officials and police. LaShenda would drive around her car to different locations around the city in the day and then sleep in the grocery shop parking lot at night. You won’t believe what the grocery shop management did, you’d be shocked.

She had no job, no home to call her own, and was battling drug addiction. She had to make sure to keep hidden. “I would lean my seat all the way back so no one would see me because, you know, I knew I wasn’t supposed to be there,” she explained.

Towards the end of the year, the manager informed her about an approaching job fair and suggested she attend. The manager allowed the woman to plug in an old laptop she had to fill out the online application.

After hours of filling out the application, the grocery shop officially hired the homeless woman as a team member. “She’s a fantastic worker, I wish I had 120 like her,” the manager said.

“We are so lucky to have her as part of our shop family. Her uplifting spirit is contagious. She has made such a positive impact on her fellow team members, and so many customers as well,” the manager said.

Since being hired, she now has her own apartment, has food on the table each day, and doesn’t have to worry about people harassing her as they did when she was on the streets. She’s now loved and appreciated and on the right track to a better life.