Homeless man sitting alone on a parking lot was terrified after a police officer approached him. But the reason for this left everyone nearby shocked

The people living nearby this parking lot say that the homeless man was often sitting there alone. He is not one of those problematic and drunk people causing problems in the neighborhood. In the opposite, he is very polite and everyone loves him.

The night before this photo was taken, was one of those heavy rain nights. The man was sitting on the curb like any other day when a police officer came out of nowhere and approached him. The man was frightened but then he realized the officer came for good.

“He sat on the curb and took off his shoes, and his socks looked like they were disgusting and wet,” said Mike, a local who was crossing by at the moment.

The police officer who was talking with the man walked over to his patrol vehicle, took out a new pair of socks, and handed them to the man. What Mike saw that day really touched him.

Without the officer knowing, Mike snapped a photo of the act of kindness, which he shared on social media.

“It was really a wonderful thing to see,” he said. “It was so nice that the officer would do that for him.”

This is something we want to see from the police. We are so glad they’re still are “old-school-police” officers.