Heroes Pull Of Monumental Rescue To Save 2 Dogs That Were Abandoned For 2 Weeks

Some pet owners are the worst. They show no love for their canines and then simply abandon them near a busy road. That’s what happened to two young male German shepherds along Highway 50 in California. The pair of dogs were left to die by their cruel owners and probably would have died if it weren’t for the help of animal rescue workers and members of the community who came to their aid in their moment of need.

A witness spotted the abandoned dogs near the Bridal Veil Falls. However, when the person attempted to get closer to get a better look, the pair of German shepherds kept their distance. They were scared. Probably from the abuse they endured at the hands of their horrible owners – the very same people who abandoned the dogs along the mountainous highway.

Thankfully, that witness had the wherewithal to call people with the knowledge and tools to help. Animal rescue workers jumped at the chance to help the two abandoned German shepherds. They set out to Bridal Veil Falls with high hopes – but were disappointed after the rescue attempt became much harder than expected. The dogs would retreat into the dense and dangerous wilderness every time a rescue worker tried to make contact.

The back and forth continued for two weeks. And every time the dogs were spotted – and then ran away – they’d become more malnourished, more desperate, and one day closer to death. If the animal rescue workers did not establish contact and make a connection to the two dogs, the pair would surely die out in the wild where they were not adapted to life.

Besides the dangers of the California wild, which include mountain lions, the dogs also had chain collars lashed to their necks. These canine items were more akin to torture devices than dog collars. They kept digging into their skin and causing wounds to fester.

Although the dogs were afraid of their rescuers, the good people refused to give up. They checked the wilderness every day, hoping to make contact with the scared pooches. The workers even installed humane traps to catch the dogs and get them the help they needed. But that did not work, which forced the team to come up with an innovative way to catch the dogs.

“It boggles my mind, to see people abandon animals, just dump them,” El Dorado County Animal Services Chief Henry Brzezinski told CBS Sacramento.

Brzezinski and his team worked hard to get the dogs into their care. One worker, Ashley Bragg, created a large cage with a trapdoor to humanely capture the scared canines. Bragg watched videos of the trap live on her phone and was able to close the trap door if the canines walked inside the trap. It worked.

The dogs have been renamed Ash and Toby and are on track to be adopted into loving forever homes. Before they’ll be able to go home with someone thought, the pair of dogs have to gain some weight and get healthier. But that’s only a matter of time, now that they’re in the good hands of these animal rescue heroes!