He Caught His Girlfriend Cheating, But Some Think His “Revenge” Went Too Far

When Ivan Cervantes was putting the finishes touches on his friend’s prank video, he felt really good. Although the little voice of his conscience was telling him otherwise, Cervantes gloated and then clicked post, sharing it with the whole world. The comments started streaming in, and Cervantes saw then that his friend might have taken the act of revenge too far.

Cervantes, who is from Arkansas, recently learned that his friend’s girlfriend had cheated on him. As a way to get revenge, the friend required Cervantes to help execute a prank. The pair broke into the cheating girlfriend’s home while she was out and then ripped out her new floorboards.

Because Cervantes acted as the scorned man’s accomplice, he filmed the vandalism. The unnamed friend, the “victim” of an unfaithful girlfriend, uses a power tool to rip apart the woman’s new floorboards. The main reason the scorned lover attacks the floorboards is that he had paid more than $2,000 for them as a gift to her only to learn that she was cheating on him.
Cervantes realized that the video was TikTok gold. He posted it to the Chinese-created social media app and watched as people started sharing it, and views started going up. The Arkansas resident made it very clear that he helped the scorned lover buy the flooring as well as install it on behalf of the cheating girlfriend.

By using an electric floor scraper, Cervantes’s friend easily removes the floor that had been put in just a little before. The man with the power tool wears a baseball cap, and safety goggles are the guy who was made a cuckold.

“When your [girlfriend] cheats but you paid for her floor,” Ivan Cervantes captioned his short video clip.
Other TikTok users were delighted by the mayhem.
“That’s a whole other level of petty I love it,” one person wrote.

Another added: “I’m a girl, but I still support this as you should.”
“As a girl, she deserves it,” a third person said.

Fans of the viral video demanded more content. Ivan’s friend decided to provoke his girlfriend further.
“So what is this that I came home to?” she shouted at him through a car window. “Frickin’ the whole floor was gone. Are you serious? That was so fricking childish of you. So petty. What’s the reason for that?”
The scorned lover refuses to respond to her allegations.
“Is that all you can say is, ‘hm?’ Huh? Is that it?” she yelled. “You know you’re so freakin’ childish. No wonder I cheated on you. I needed a man. Maybe you didn’t turn into a man cause your dad wasn’t even in your life cause he didn’t even want you. God, you p**s me off so much! This is why you don’t amount to anything because you’re so f***ing childish!”
Ivan uploaded another video where his friend burns the wood floor with gasoline.
“My friend was dating this girl for about three years [and] he really thought she was going to be the one he was going to marry,” Ivan explained. “But little did we know, she was cheating on him. So what we did next was we removed the $2,000 floor he installed for her.”