Gym Teacher in Pennsylvania charged for physicallyassaulting a student.

by San Eli News

On Tuesday, a former Pennsylvanian teacher confessed to physically abusing a 13-years-old student.

The 33-years-old Rochelle Cressman had pleaded guilty in Crawford County court to the charges of three counts of statutory sexual assault. According to the state police, Cressman worked in Titusville Middle School as a gym teacher where she started physical contact with a male student, says The Meadville Tribune.

According to the police, in the past year, Cressman was initially charged with 66 counts of statutory sexual assault for incidents that took place between September 2018 and April 2019. She is also charged for physically abusing the victim at her house located in Oil Creek Township in Titusville.

The prosecutors have called out for a prison sentence of up to 12 years. The defense and the prosecution have agreed upon Cressman serving for 10 years of probation after she is released from prison, according to The Tribune.

According to Cressman’s conviction, she is categorized as a tier 3 sex offender. Her hearing for sentencing will take place in February.