Gunman Walks Up to Woman, Shoots Her in Front of Her Kids in Broad Daylight

A mother was shot in front of her children in Cali, Colombia. The Colombian mother was fatally injured from the incident.

Colombian Mother Shot By Man With A Gun

A 46-year-old mother named Maria Cristina Bonilla Calle was walking with her two daughters when a man wearing a red cap and a white shirt ran towards a woman who was with her children.

The man who ran towards Calle and her children had a gun. The man then moved towards the Colombian mother of two and pointed his gun. He fired at Calle multiple times. She was shot in the chest and on her head. The gun wounds were so fatal that it caused her death.

During the shooting, a video was recorded. It was seen that one of Calle’s children even moved towards the direction of the gunman when he was trying to escape from the scene.

On the other hand, the other child of Calle remained in place due to shock from the incident that the toddler witnessed.

A Similar Incident

There are similar incidents where children are witnessing their parents being attacked. In an article from NBC News, a child who was on Zoom for his online class had witnessed the shooting of her mother in Indiantown. Since the opening of classes during the pandemic, classes have been held online.

The teacher who was facilitating the online class witnessed the event. The article from NBC News stated that the teacher saw her student raising her hands in front of the gunman. Then, the screen went blank and the teacher could not see the student. The device being used by the child may have been hit by the attacker.

The shooter in the incident was Donald J. Williams. He was taken into custody by the authorities after the incident.