Grandmother from Indiana sentenced to 12 years jail for burning and disfiguring granddaughter

50-year-old Gretta Feil from Boone County, Indiana, was sentenced to jail on Tuesday for burning and disfiguring her little granddaughter. She is to serve 12 years in the Indiana Department of Correction followed by four years on probation for charges of aggravated battery.

The court documents that were filed in the case stated that the victim was hospitalised on 24 April with bad burns on her face, scalp and private parts. The hospital informed the police that the child would have permanent disfigurement and scarring from the injuries and a nurse practitioner stated that the burns were deliberate and not the cause of an accident. The child was also covered in bruises not normally sustained by a child of that age.

The name and identity of the victim were not released by the police.

Feil explained that the burns were because the child got into her lotions and creams and said that other adults had dragged her over the carpet.

According to WRTV, Feil’s two grandchildren had come to stay with her while their parents were away in Alabama. Over three weeks, the Department of Child Services and the police were called to the woman’s apartment no less than five times. They were not able to contact Feil. Allegedly, screaming, yelling and loud cursing were heard from inside the house and there were some suspicions of drug abuse.

On 22 April, the police made contact with Feil and her grandchildren. The little girl’s face was covered in burn scars and she was taken to Riley Hospital for Children.

The burns appeared to be the result of a punishment for having an accident on the sofa and urinating in her pants. It is suspected that the burns were inflicted via scalding water. The child shall have to undergo extensive surgery.

Greta Feil was charged with several counts each of neglect of a dependant and battery.