Grandmother Finds Intruder in Granddaughter’s Bed After She Screams for Help

An Indianapolis family was in for the surprise of their lives when the grandmother found an intruder in her granddaughters’ bed.

ABC 15 reports that the family is still searching for the man and is asking anyone that knows anything to come forward.

Veronica Mildenberg, the girl’s mother, told ABC 15 that both her six and 10-year-old daughters were asleep when then the intruder got into the bed with them.

She said the 10-year-old woke up and screamed after the man touched her:

“He must have climbed up the stairwell and got in bed with her. That’s when she hollered for her grandma. He woke her up because he touched her leg.”

The surveillance video below shows the suspect peeking into the windows of the home on New York Street around 1:45 a.m. Minutes later, family members say he went to the back of the home and climbed through a kitchen window with a broken lock.

“I remember my daughter waking up sayingmommy, someone touched me, a man touched me,’ screaming and crying.”

The young girls’ grandmother, Robin Marcun, told ABC 15 that she ran to the bedroom to see what was going on when she heard her granddaughter scream.

What she saw when she entered the room shocked her:

“I happen to look in, I thought I was freaking out, I seen a grown person. When I got to the door handle, he jumped out at me.”

She asked the intruder why was he there:

“I said ‘who are you and why are you in my house?’ He saidit’s storming, I live two doors down and you let me in and said I could stay all night. I saidyou really need to get out of my house, I don’t know who you are, I’ve never seen you.’”

Since the incident, the family has been more cautious and have taken extra steps, like putting alarms on all of their doors and windows, to ensure the safety of the family:

“Ever since then, it’s like if I hear a noise I’m completely awake. Is he going to be out there watching me? Is he coming back or what? It’s a scary situation.”

Authorities are asking if you know or recognize the man from the home surveillance video below contact IMPD or Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana at 317-262-8477.