Grandma Gifts Grandchildren Teddy Bears After Grandpa Passes Away. Each Bear Contains a Part of Him

A grieving widow wanted to keep her late husband’s memory alive in her family to such an extent, she had teddy bears made with his ashes.

Beryl John, 65, wanted to do something special to commemorate her childhood sweetheart, Bill John, who died of a heart attack earlier this year at 64, reports the Daily Mail.

The grandmother of Pontyclun, South Wales, said she’s going to give her grandchildren, Zac, 11, Geraint, 10, and Isaac, 8, something special from Bill.

Posted by Elisabeth Sews on Saturday, September 8, 2018

She had seven teddy bears made out of his old clothes and stuffed them with his cremated remains.

Beryl told the Mirror:

“I wanted to do something for our children and grandchildren so they could feel close to their dad and grandad. He was so special to them and they adored him too.”

She added:

“In a small way the bears allow us to keep Bill close to us all the time because they are made from his clothes and his ashes are inside.”

The mother of three daughters, Michelle, 46, Michelle-Marie 21, Ria-Louise 20, Lourdes-Kiara, 19, found a seamstress on Facebook that made teddies from clothes belonging to loved ones.

Elizabeth Barker of Elizabeth Sews picked up a needle and turned Bill’s clothes into memorable items for Christmas.

? Cherished dressing gowns into bears for the whole family ?

Posted by Elisabeth Sews on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The widow told Daily Mail:

“I have a cushion made out of one of his jumpers on our bed and it really does bring me a lot of comfort.

I miss him every single day. I keep the rest of his ashes in an wooden house in my house.”

The grandmother said the bears were a hit in her family. However, some on social media weren’t sure how to feel about the grandmother’s idea.

Posted by Elisabeth Sews on Saturday, September 8, 2018

One Facebook commenter wrote:

‘Here, have a piece of your grandad.’ Sorry but I think this is just wrong. But each to their own.

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