German Photographer Compares 14 Fridges And Their Owners Around The World

by San Eli News

Since 2012, people from London, Cape Town, Pretoria, Istanbul, Madrid, Paris, and Berlin have opened their fridges to the whole world, and this is the result so far―a colorful archive of fridges and their proud owners. These people are of different personalities, nationalities, cultures, traditions, ages, and social statuses and Juncker tried to capture the link between these factors and the contents of these people’s fridges.

“So what does this tell us about the people who use these fridges? Do we have a special system filling it? What belongs in our fridges and what do we eat? Is there any difference or similarity between different cultures, countries, ages, or flat sharing? Do we keep leftovers and how do we store them?” These are just a few of the questions Juncker was interested in when she started the project.