Gaming-Addicted Father Admits To Killing Newborn Son In Rage Over Losing On Playstation

A self-confessed gaming addict with anger management issues has confessed to killing his infant son in a fit of rage after losing while playing on his Playstation. Joseph William McDonald from Benella, Victoria in Australia pleaded guilty to one count of child homicide at the state’s Crown Court after subjecting the child to a serious injury from which he was unable to recover and later died, the Herald Sun reports. He’ll be sentenced later this month.

1. MCDONALD TOOK HIS FRUSTRATION OUT ON HIS SON.On October 24 last year, 23-year-old McDonald had been playing on his Playstation when he began angry and lashed out at baby Lucas, assaulting the helpless infant by “pressing too hard on his brainstem,” he later admitted. However, police later discovered the injuries were more akin to blunt-force trauma or shaking. Weeks prior to the crime, he had been looking up solutions to his anger management problems online.

2. HIS MOM HEARD HIM CRYING IN THE OTHER ROOM.Lucas’s mother, Samantha Duckmanton, said she was in the kitchen when she heard the baby making a “high-pitched wailing sound” and came in to see what was happening. McDonald replied that he had been “swaddling” the baby and she thought nothing more of it.

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4. LUCAS DIDN’T DIE RIGHT AWAY.Instead, his mom assumed he was just not feeling well when he refused to drink his milk as he had just had his vaccinations earlier that day. While she contacted the hospital many times via phone as Lucas was making no improvements, she eventually decided to simply take him into the emergency room at Benalla Hospital, where she was told that Lucas had a brain injury that did not look accidental. He died five days later on October 29.

5. AFTER MCDONALD MADE HIS ADMISSION, HE FLED FROM THE HOSPITAL.The police then embarked on a manhunt to bring him to justice and thankfully were able to locate and arrested him soon after. In court, the baby’s mother read out a statement about her love for her child and her disgust at McDonald’s actions, saying, “I instantly fell in love [with LUcas]. You have completely broken my trust – you have absolutely betrayed me. Lucas deserved to feel safe and protected by his daddy. You do not deserve forgiveness – nor do you deserve the title of daddy.”